What’s life like when you are a musician in a band?

Many people often wonder what their lives would be like if they chose different careers. More often than not, people think that being a musician is an easy job to do. What? You just travel and sing? No big deal, right? However, being a musician in a band, is much more complex than that.

What’s so great about being in a band?
When you are in a band, you get to share a lot of memories with your fellow musicians. The good ones and the bad ones. It’s like constantly having a team to support you and take care of you when you are down. Another great thing is that you can travel together and visit so many different places as well as get to know so many different people. Just take a look at the tour stories of a band such as Deadstring brothers. Isn’t it amazing to have such an extensive and beautiful life experience? Who gets to visit so many states in one year of tours and different events?

What’s not so great about being in a band?
Sure it’s amazing to travel, but on the other side of the coin you spend so much time on the road, away from your family and friends. It’s not only about going on tours. As a musician, you need to spend a lot of time in studios, rehearsing. You need to sacrifice a lot in order to make a decent living while being a musician. It’s never easy, but then again – thanks to the modern technology, musicians are able to keep in touch with their families over video calls now. If you look back, before all these free apps were invented, being a musician was even more difficult. Not all people can stay away from their families for such a long time.

Should I become a professional musician?
If you are asking yourself whether or not to pursue a career of a musician, then you really need to think hard. You need to decide whether you are willing to put so much effort into practicing and you most certainly need to invest your time and patience.

Becoming a successful musician doesn’t happen overnight!