Being in a band, you learn how to prioritize. You learn how to work hard to make a success of your career, but you also learn how to have some fun to keep everyone’s spirits up. One pass time you can enjoy is playing ping pong. It helps you focus, gives you exercise and takes your mind off work a little.

Getting A Ping Pong Table

Ping pong tables come in a variety of models suitable for use in almost any urban home, from suburban backyards, where weatherproof models are extremely popular to mini tables which fit easily into an apartment. Most sporting goods stores and national chains like Target and Wal-Mart also have ping pong tables for sale and can offer bargains for the keen eyed shopper, especially during the winter sales months when savings can be between 30 and 40 percent.

It’s Popularity

The increasing popularity of ping pong tables is due in part to the fact that the rules governing the game have changed in recent years. Prior to the latest rule changes the game was played until the winner reached 21 points, making the game last for a long time and making the sport, at least in the eyes of some, boring. However, the new rules have changed the game to one where a winning score of just 11 is needed to clinch a game. This has meant that the whole family or circle of friends can enjoy faster games where everyone gets a chance to play more often. This has meant that ping pong tables are finding a place in many homes across America. There are even models today which fit over the tops of pool tables, these so called pool top conversion tables and they allow people to enjoy two activities in a space that was formerly devoted to a single pastime. The popularity of ping pong has also meant that the game has migrated onto the Internet where many online ping pong games are available.

Ping Pong

Candystand Ping Pong

Candystand ping pong does away with real ping pong tables and substitute them with virtual tables to bring the gamer the thrill of a real ping pong game against some of the sports superstars to the Internet. Just visit and download the required plug-in and you’re ready to face down the best in the ping pong business. The tournaments that you play in however use the older rules and regulations, which mean that you will be playing up to 21 points, and remember you have to win by two full points, just like in the real world. The best thing about Candystand ping pong is that it’s free. This is the perfect way to pass some time on your next trip when you’re cooped up in a motel, or snowed in. You can even play against your friends by connecting to Facebook. Remember to read up of the newer ping pong rules which will enable you to play correctly offline.

Table Dimensions

The standard ping pong table dimensions are 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 30 inches high. These dimensions, along with a masonite (a type of hardboard) would make the table regulation size and suitable for use in competition. However, as mentioned there are variations to these dimensions and the material used for the surface of the table. Outdoor tables for instance can be constructed of synthetic laminates, weatherproofed wood or even be constructed on metallic composites.

Whatever choice you make from the many ping pong tables that are available with proper maintenance your table should give you, your family and friends many years of entertainment.



In our travels as a band, we come across a lot of new things and experience a lot of different cultures. There are a few places that is a must see or things that are a must do when travelling, and one of these things is going on a European river cruise.

There are many advantages of European River Cruises if you are looking for a getaway for a weekend or an extended vacation. These advantages include no car rental, no getting lost in a foreign country, all inclusive, and saving money. You should look into European river cruising if you want to take a vacation and see many different countries or if you have already been on the local Grand river cruises and would like try something new.

European River Cruises Offer The Perfect Mode Of Transport

Many people like to tour Europe by renting a car or by taking the train.

  • The problem with renting a car in a foreign country is that there are different laws you must know.
  • People don’t always drive the same in different countries. Insurance requirements are different also.
  • You may need to acquire a different type of insurance for each country you plan on driving through.
  • Car rentals are stressful on a vacation also, because you are responsible for the vehicle. If you should get in an accident, it could ruin your entire vacation.
  • A train doesn’t give you the stress of a car rental, but you are confined to the train.

One of the biggest advantages of river cruise vacations is that you don’t have the stress of insurance, accidents, and you are out in the fresh air cruising along the waterfront, much like being on one of the local Grand Circle river cruises.

European River Cruises Are A Better Way to Travel

European river cruising is much better than touring in a rental car, because of itinerary issues. Many people rent vehicles and map out their own trip driving along the countryside.

  • Foreign maps can be difficult to read and it would also be extremely scary to get lost in a foreign country.
  • Problems occur in towns where people don’t speak your language. You get lost, because the map isn’t up to date, and more.

European cruises take you along the river so you can see many different countries. You don’t have to worry about getting lost. The trip is planned for you and you get to see everything you want. Most of these ships have very knowledgeable guides on board which ensures that you get to do all the sightseeing you ever wanted.


Saving Money

More advantages of Europe river cruise vacations include saving money in many ways.

  • You won’t have to buy a hotel anywhere you go, you don’t have to rent a car, and everything is included.
  • You can choose from different companies like Uniworld river cruises or viking river cruises.
  • A cruise through Europe on the water includes the entire vacation, unless you choose to get off the boat at some of the popular destinations and go shopping.
  • You can pay for your entire vacation in one sum and not have to worry about different costs. This is very beneficial for many people and makes the trip less stressful.

Managing only one cost for a trip through Spain is much easier for most people when planning a vacation.

The Advantages Of Going On These Cruises

These advantages include:

Renting a car and a hotel for a vacation can be expensive. Planning the trip where you want to travel to can be confusing, frustrating, and limit you. A cruise along the river in Europe is the best option, because all you have to do is board the ship and sit back while you enjoy the sites of every country included in the trip. So the next you plan to visit Europe you had better consider European river cruises.


a band, we spend a lot of hours on a bus, in cars, on planes and trains. Simply put, we travel a lot and to be honest we actually slouch around quite a bit between gigs as well. We’ve had to find constructive ways to keep ourselves in shape and take care of our bodies (when we’re not nourishing it with frosty adult beverages!) while on the road. Regular exercise and yoga has been a favorite for a long time abut recently we actually bought a inversion table which we take with us wherever we can. this actually started with Jennifer (our bass guitar player) buying a pair of inversion shoes and hanging from the doors in or hotels like a bat on a regular basis!

Ironman Gravity 4000It didn’t take long before we all got pretty hooked on the therapeutic effcts of hanging upside down. We got an Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table and simply love our our new toy! Here are some things we’ve learned about these nifty devices.

Inversion table exercises are characterized by moderate forms of stretching to strengthen the body’s core muscles. Stronger and flexible muscles are less vulnerable to injuries and strains that can aggravate neck and back pains. Building up your muscles also improves posture. In addition, inversion table exercises boost a healthy person’s level of fitness and prevent stress from forming up in the joints and muscles. There are as always pros and cons though.

In preparing yourself for inversion table exercises, make sure that your table is locked before proceeding with your routine. It is also important to follow the instructions carefully since one wrong move can have negative effects on your muscles. In addition, begin with small, easy steps to allow your body to adjust. Remember to not attempt starting another form of exercise until you are completely comfortable with your current routine. Gentle stretching movements are initially done to warm up your body. Normally, you extend your arms over your head, carefully extending your body into full stretch. After that, attempt to slightly arch your back. Do it on one side of your body, and then repeat the stretch on the body’s other side. As you become comfortable with the simple movements, you may begin with the advanced and more complicated inversion exercises like sit-ups, crunches, back extensions, and squats.

It’s good for the Spine

When doing the exercises, can inversion tables decompress the spine? Clinical studies of inversion tables published in reputable medical journals have confirmed that inversion can decompress the spine and can bring relief to back pains, leg pains, and sciatica. Hanging upside down can take off the pressure of the discs in your spine, which in turn relieves pain in the back. If you are suffering from these pains, in time, you will be able to work up to doing your stretching routines to strengthen your back, stomach, and legs.

As a beginner, remember to tilt the inversion table at 20 – 30 degrees angle only. Then start doing your regular routines. As you become more comfortable with the position, adjust your tilt until you can invert at 90 degrees, otherwise known as the expert level.

Herniated Discs

For patients with herniated disc pain, inversion therapy allows gravity to help align the body naturally. Since herniated disc is a result of excess pressure, removing this pressure from the disc is a good start to solving the problem. Exercises and therapies on the inversion table are proven methods to alleviate pressure using gravity to decompress the spinal disc. Moreover, inversion exercises stimulate blood circulation to the damaged disc, thus promoting faster healing.

Inversion table exercises are performed by thousands of people to help them relieve the pressure from their back. Inversion table alone can help users relieve themselves from back pain temporarily. In conjunction with an exercise program, patients can extend and improve on the benefits of using the inversion table. For maximum security, use a spotter while using the table. This can help avoid the risk of possible accidents if you experience a medical emergency while suspended upside down.

For more information about inversion tables visit and