Anyone finding themselves on stage or in the spotlight, want to make a statement and show the crowd the best show of their lives. You want people to not only think about your music, but about your style as well. The costumes you wear on stage, the way your make up and hair was styled, pretty much everything about you, the crowd wants to be entertained with. So, we as a band try to make things a little interesting and sometimes different than usual. One idea we came up with is wearing different contact lenses with every show. This made for great photo shoots and keeps the fans entertained.

Going With Colored Contact Lenses

Eyewear in general has been a popular trend in recent years. Going right along with that trend, colored contact lenses have also become popular. Often used in movies to change the color or look of someone’s eyes, colored lenses have filtered down to the general populace and are sometimes even used by people who don’t need contact lenses. If you do use contact lenses to improve your vision, colored lenses can also improve or alter eye color. If you’re up for a change in this department, vibrant views colored contact lenses offer some of the most extraordinary eye color action out there.

Vibrant Views Contacts

While many companies make colored lenses, not all are created equal. Not all colored contact lenses are meant for actual vision correction and may actually obscure vision rather than improve it. And even if your vision is still all right, the actual color may not be so terrific. Many colored contact lenses do little to enhance or change your eye color. The color may be too dim to even notice. Vibrant views colored contact lenses by Freshlook aim to change all of these downsides. Vibrant views are approved for everyday wear and are corrective contact lenses so they improve the look of your eyes and aid in seeing as well.

Intense Colored Contacts

Vibrant views colored contact lenses are some of the most intense colored contact lenses on the market. Some colored lenses simply enhance the color of your own eyes or add some shimmer to them to make them stand out more. Freshlook has collections along these lines. These new lenses in the Vibrant Views collection, however, do much more than shimmer. Vibrant Views contact lenses stand out in the crowd and are perfect if you want vivid, memorable eye color.


Try Before You Buy

You don’t have to simply take a chance and buy them either, without knowing if the color will suit you or if you will feel comfortable wearing them. Freshlook is offering a free trial of non prescription colored contact lenses so you can test run a pair without spending a dime. If these colored lenses are for you, visit your personal eye doctor to order vibrant views colored contact lenses in the right prescription strength. You can also check out different vendors and buy contacts online, sometimes at a discount.

Vibrant views colored contact lenses are changing the way we may see colored contacts in the future. Bold and intense, Freshlook is taking the trend of colored contact lenses to a whole new level. Look online or ask your eye doctor to get more information on these new contact lenses.

Going Toward The More Crazy Side Of Contacts

Fashion is often about making a statement and crazy colored contact lenses can certainly do that. If you’re a fashion risk taker or perhaps are attending an event where you want to go all the way with your costume, colored contact lenses can be the perfect addition. We’re not just talking about any colored contact lenses either. Many are designed to blend or just even enhance your own natural eye color. Crazy colored lenses are intended to be noticed. If that’s what you want, crazy lenses are for you.


Types of Crazy Colored Contact Lenses

So how crazy are crazy colored contact lenses? It all depends on your own imagination and how far you want to take it. From colors not found in eye colors to actual designs, you have a lot of design power in crazy contact lenses. The whole idea of crazy lenses really starts in Hollywood. Movies and bands often use colored or patterned lenses for characters. People often want to mimic those characters or take their own spin on it.

Different Types Of Crazy

These fancy contact lenses were not always easy to get a hold of. They were made primarily for films and were therefore pretty expensive and hard to find. But other companies eventually caught on to the trend and now crazy colored contact lenses are much cheaper and easier to get a hold of. This is especially convenient if you plan to entertain the crowd while on stage with your band or even just to attend a costume or Halloween party.

Some Of The Types

  • Animal eyes and patterns such as cat, jaguar and wolf eyes or even zebra stripes.
  • Patterns and designs such as swirls or smiley faces or spades.
  • Character eyes (including popular movie characters) such as vampire and Gothic styles.
  • Intense colors such as orange and pink.


Some crazy colored contact lenses are meant to be amusing but many are intended to look a little freaky. Many of the vampire or Gothic contact lenses are movie-worthy, giving a fiery red appearance or a translucent effect, among others. You can even find cosmetic colored contact lenses that completely white out your eyes or black them out, for a truly freakish look. There are many styles to choose from so whether you want to go freaky or just a little different, you have your pick of styles.

Where Do I Find Them?

So where can you find these crazy color contact lenses? Online is a great place to start. If you’re an avid online shopper, many places even accept paypal payments these days to save you some time. Be careful of what company you buy from as well. Remember that these contacts are sitting directly on your eye and can harm them if the contacts don’t fit correctly or are made poorly. It’s recommended that you visit an eye doctor to know what lenses will fit right before buying any. When you do go to buy, only purchase FDA approved contact lenses and protect your eyesight.

So if you’re headed onto stage or off to a costume party and want to add an extra bite to your look, try out some crazy colored contact lenses. From animal patterns to intense colors to vampire looks, you can have a head to toe costume without much trouble. Keep in mind that you are putting these contact lenses on your eyes, so only by FDA approved lenses from a reputable dealer and DO NOT wear them with any type of night vision gear or similar types of gadgets which project enhanced light. The crowd normally doesn’t know what hit them when we get on stage with our crazy looks.