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When you’re out with your bike, the road is eternal, the wind is constant and nowhere else do you get a guarantee like that. It is the thrill of the engine revving and the anticipation of the unfolding of some of the most picturesque scenes on the road. As a kid, if you ever tried to go a few miles on your balance bike, you would know that the thrill only multiplies when you have a motorbike to roll.

Road trips are not just about speed but also about the societies you leave behind. The interactions with people remain with you forever and when you look back at what you’ve left behind, you wonder if the world and humanity have ever been so beautiful.

Hit the Road

If you are looking to go out on a road trip on your bike, you need to plan a little and ensure that you make the most of your time on the road. A few tips to aid a great experience are as follows:

  1. Clothing: Focus on lightweight synthetic clothing to make life easier for you. T-shirts and other clothes can be easily washed and dried.
  2. Plastic bags: Something that most people miss out while packing is plastic bags. Zipper-lock plastic bags come in various sizes which can be extremely handy when it comes to packing your items in saddlebags.
  3. Don’t fold: It is better to roll your clothes than to fold them.
  4. Waterproofing: Don’t forget to waterproof your tent if you are carrying one. Similarly, if you’re out in the monsoons, get proper protection for your backpack. Also get a small towel with you to wrap around your neck to avoid water from trickling down your neck.
  5. Center of gravity: Ideally the heaviest stuff should be placed very close to the center of gravity of the bike. The heavier stuff should be placed towards the tank and the other stuff can be evenly distributed at the sides.
  6. If you’re traveling in a group, you can cut down on the weight significantly by simply sharing stuff like a toothpaste or soap.

If You’re Camping

It is always a wonderful feeling to ride with a group on the roads and meet new people on your way. A good way to pack would make life on the road easier for you. Simply travel light! The road is waiting for you!