It’s no secret that we love our music and we love playing it out loud – which is why we’re on the road all the time playing gigs near you so look out for our ads and come support us! Whenever we play a gig in a new town we make a point of spending some time in town, meeting the locals and spreading the word bout our shows. We’ve tried all kinds of promotional ideas to get our music out there including walking the streets with a boom box on the shoulder, playing in parks for free and crashing the local karaoke night!

We recently found a novel upgrade to the concept of walking with a boom box through the streets. The UK based company Noisebags recently launched a new backpack, with a fully integrated music system and calling it Noisebags!


Great looking bag – even if it wasn’t for the cool music integration don’t you agree? We’d love to see some more style variation of this backpack – a backpack purse would be a great chic looking alternative!



Their boom bag can be connected to any iPhone, iPod, MP3 and MP4 player via a 3.5mm audio jack. It incorporates an amplifier that needs 4 AA batteries. These are great looking bags with the speakers and music controls integrated into the shoulder straps.



The speakers and controls are integrated into the shoulder-straps – easy to reach and obscured to let rip with some great beats.


Small but effective little amplifier runs on 4 AA batteries. Remember to buy rechargeables!

This is one of the coolest pieces of kit I’ve bought in a while from a great company what used tag-lines like: “Forget earphones. Play it out loud!” – and we completely agree! The bags come in some funky colors like Uni Pink, True Blue and the awesome Nuclear Orange. Our personal favorite the Cam O however takes it queue from modern military backpacks with a good looking and hip camouflage motive.If you’re in the market for a new backpack and you love music, take a look at these packs, very affordable, well-made and worth every penny!