One of the most annoying things when learning to play any electric guitar is that no matter what you do nothing ever sounds any good. You get frustrated thinking that you may never be able to play the way you want to play.

While it’s true that it learning to play an electric guitar does have a definite learning curve to it, it is not impossible to master. But what most beginners and truthfully some guitarists who should know better but forget is that most of the time the reason you sound bad is because your guitar is not in tune.

Standard tuning for 6 string guitar

So How Often Should You Tune an Electric Guitar?

In order to have the best playing experience, you really should tune up your guitar every single time before you play. Yes, every time. Guitars, no matter how expensive eventually go out of tune. And some cheaper models will go out of tune fairly quickly. If you make sure your electric guitar is in the proper tune every time you play, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much better you sound.

Another thing to bare in mind that act of doing your “Guitar God” impersonation, i.e. playing or practicing with any guitar for just a few hours can easily slip it out of tune. So you basically always have to be aware of the guitar and stop and re-tune when necessary.

Now tuning you guitar need not become a time consuming burden. In fact if done right it will only take you a few minutes at first. And the longer you play the faster you can tune your electric guitar on the play.

In fact master musicians can tune their guitars so fast that they can do even while performing in a concert, without anyone really noticing them missing a beat. A professional can get a guitar back into tune in 30 seconds or less with the sound being clear in all the electric guitar pickups.

guitar pedal board
Image Source: GC247

You will need to tune up your guitar either using a piano, by ear using a free chord website like GuitarChords247.com, a electronic tuner or  mobile MP3 based tuner like one of theses Iphone guitar tuners, which you can all combine with a pedal boardAs you imagine, getting access to a piano in a hurry can become problematic. And while it seems just about every thing can store MP3 files from iPods, cell phones to digital recorders, these solution too can become a burden.

So realistically until you can do by “ear” which will come with experience, your best and fastest route to a perfectly tuned guitar, especially one with decent tonal qualities, is a mobile app or electronic tuner.

Electronic tuners are little digital devices that many musicians ,both professionals and talented amateurs, use to detect off key notes from the electric guitar pickups and display the pitch as it is being played on instruments like electric guitars.

Some like the Peavey SPT-6G Wolfgang guitar tuners use simple LED lights to give you an approximate visual reading of whether the note is higher, lower or close to equal to the desired pitch you programmed in.

A more accurate and hence more expensive tuners like the Peavey PCT-6T Wolfgang guitar tuners can use a Quartz system along with a condenser microphone for acoustic tuning. The tuning process can be completely hands-off tuning with the results displayed on a digital LCD screen.

But not matter which Peavey Wolfgang guitar tuners you choose, you need to keep your guitar in tune every time you pick it up to play.


Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. I recently found out that these words by Berthold Auerbach are bang on target. I often travel a lot. Traveling to work and back and traveling on weekends for visual delights, I have always been an out-going person. The surprising part is that never have I felt the importance of music while traveling so intensely. After having lost my wireless Bluetooth speakers along with my favorite bass headphones on one of my travels, I was left with no music at all. This was when I felt a void and realized that I could not live without music, especially when out.

Jazz-MusicWith this experience done, I thought to myself if I was a music addict. I was. At the risk of stating an oxymoron, I went on to read about how music is a good addiction. I would like to share with you the points I believe we all music addicts can related to:

Artists Ahoy: If you have an artistic nature, ambient music can help you improve creativity. Scientific research proves that a moderate noise level helps your brain generate fresh ideas. Ambient noise helps eliminate easy processing of information. Apparently, struggling to process things around us and trying to overcome a difficulty improves creativity.

Music Improves Visual Attention: If your favorite songs are among some specific genres of music, it can help you improve visual attention. Classical music was found to improve visual attention when studied with stroke patients as subjects. So when you feel like cutting off from the world when out in the city, simply get out your pair of best outdoor speakers. Focusing on the things you like the most – city lights, running traffic, buildings, parks, gardens, forests or absolutely everything under the sun, helps you think creatively as you notice things better than you normally would. Music helps you focus. Some genres that help improve visual attention are- Blues,Jazz, Ambient, Classical and Reggae.

Conversations: They say that once you share a cigarette butt with someone, you share a healthy friendship with them. Same goes with music. You share the same taste in music with someone and you are bound to be friends. You have the most wonderful conversations with people who share the same love for music as you do. Icing on the cake is when their favorites are yours as well. A recent research also showed that people who listen to slow music are much better at presentations and interactive orations.

While this helped me understand why I missed my music, I also came across a very interesting piece of information which absolutely amused me. You can get to know about a person’s personality by getting to know their favorite genre. Here’s the classification –

  1. Blues and jazz: People who love to listen to Blues or jazz or both are mostly creative, have high self esteem, are polite and gentle and are outgoing.
  2. Rap fans are very social, outgoing and mostly have a childish charm to them.
  3. Country music lovers are hardworking and outgoing.
  4. Rock/heavy metal fans have been found to have low self esteem, not hardworking, not outgoing and gentle. (I highly doubt it)
  5. Reggae fans are creative, hardworking, gentle outgoing and at ease.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not but then getting to know these things is simply a living example of how music can be a good addiction.



After a long day at work you will need a way of relaxing and a hot tub can be the perfect thing.  Nothing says relaxation more than an ice cold one in one hand while soaking in hot tub to let go of your busy and stressful day on stage or in the studio.

Find The Right Hot Tub

Do some research first to find out about the best hot tub to purchase. This will depend on whether you want it for indoor or outdoor use or for both. There are numerous great hot tubs that you can get such as the beachcomber hot tub. You should take a look at some reviews to find out more about the best hot tub to purchase for your needs.

Hot Tub Options

There are lots of hot tub options that you can look at when you go to health spas. These kinds of hot tubs are ideal if you have a large bathroom and want to create that spa type feel. You can also get special outdoor spas which are installed in your garden and which you can get from various dealers online. Hotel hot tubs and garden hot tubs will differ in price, but you should think about what you will use the most.

Small Hot Tubs

If you want to relax in the privacy of your own house then the small hot tubs for indoor use are what you should shop for. You can find these just about anywhere online and you can also contact your local home depot store or bathroom center for advice about hot tubs. They can give you the top options and tell you which the most popular selling brands are. You can also use the reviews online to help you narrow down your search.


Outdoor Hot Tub

Watkins Hot Tub

You should also decide on the best hot tub to purchase based on the replacement parts and guarantee offered. Watkins hot tub parts for example, are offered in various places, so this should be a great brand to purchase. You can also find out what the best hot tubs are by looking at the features offered. Some offer more jets than others and some are deeper than others. The specifications are up to you, so you should look for the top brands within these parameters.

Garden Hot Tub

A lot of people find that hot tubs are a waste of money and they insist that a bath is the same thing. Well, if this is how you feel then you should definitely look into the outdoor garden hot tubs. These are a fun way to relax and you can feel like a celebrity in one of these. A larger one is better because then you can fit a lot more people into it. It is also great to just relax in on your own with a glass of wine or whenever you feel tense. Turn the jets up high and let your troubles float away.

When you have as idea as to the best hot tub to purchase, you should not hesitate but go out and order it. Make sure that you get a guarantee from the store or website you order from, and always double check the features to make sure that you are getting the exact one that you want.


Being in a band, you learn how to prioritize. You learn how to work hard to make a success of your career, but you also learn how to have some fun to keep everyone’s spirits up. One pass time you can enjoy is playing ping pong. It helps you focus, gives you exercise and takes your mind off work a little.

Getting A Ping Pong Table

Ping pong tables come in a variety of models suitable for use in almost any urban home, from suburban backyards, where weatherproof models are extremely popular to mini tables which fit easily into an apartment. Most sporting goods stores and national chains like Target and Wal-Mart also have ping pong tables for sale and can offer bargains for the keen eyed shopper, especially during the winter sales months when savings can be between 30 and 40 percent.

It’s Popularity

The increasing popularity of ping pong tables is due in part to the fact that the rules governing the game have changed in recent years. Prior to the latest rule changes the game was played until the winner reached 21 points, making the game last for a long time and making the sport, at least in the eyes of some, boring. However, the new rules have changed the game to one where a winning score of just 11 is needed to clinch a game. This has meant that the whole family or circle of friends can enjoy faster games where everyone gets a chance to play more often. This has meant that ping pong tables are finding a place in many homes across America. There are even models today which fit over the tops of pool tables, these so called pool top conversion tables and they allow people to enjoy two activities in a space that was formerly devoted to a single pastime. The popularity of ping pong has also meant that the game has migrated onto the Internet where many online ping pong games are available.

Ping Pong

Candystand Ping Pong

Candystand ping pong does away with real ping pong tables and substitute them with virtual tables to bring the gamer the thrill of a real ping pong game against some of the sports superstars to the Internet. Just visit candystand.com and download the required plug-in and you’re ready to face down the best in the ping pong business. The tournaments that you play in however use the older rules and regulations, which mean that you will be playing up to 21 points, and remember you have to win by two full points, just like in the real world. The best thing about Candystand ping pong is that it’s free. This is the perfect way to pass some time on your next trip when you’re cooped up in a motel, or snowed in. You can even play against your friends by connecting to Facebook. Remember to read up of the newer ping pong rules which will enable you to play correctly offline.

Table Dimensions

The standard ping pong table dimensions are 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 30 inches high. These dimensions, along with a masonite (a type of hardboard) would make the table regulation size and suitable for use in competition. However, as mentioned there are variations to these dimensions and the material used for the surface of the table. Outdoor tables for instance can be constructed of synthetic laminates, weatherproofed wood or even be constructed on metallic composites.

Whatever choice you make from the many ping pong tables that are available with proper maintenance your table should give you, your family and friends many years of entertainment.