Looking At The Crowd Through Different Eyes

coloured-contact-lensAnyone finding themselves on stage or in the spotlight, want to make a statement and show the crowd the best show of their lives. You want people to not only think about your music, but about your style as well. The costumes you wear on stage, the way your make up and hair was styled, pretty much everything about you, the crowd wants to be entertained with. So, we as a band try to make things a little interesting and sometimes different than usual. One idea we came up with is wearing different contact lenses with every show. This made for great photo shoots and keeps the fans entertained.

Going With Colored Contact Lenses

Eyewear in general has been a popular trend in recent years. Going right along with that trend, colored contact lenses have also become popular. Often used in movies to change the color or look of someone’s eyes, colored lenses have filtered down to the general populace and are sometimes even used by people who don’t need contact lenses. If you do use contact lenses to improve your vision, colored lenses can also improve or alter eye color. If you’re up for a change in this department, vibrant views colored contact lenses offer some of the most extraordinary eye color action out there.

Vibrant Views Contacts

While many companies make colored lenses, not all are created equal. Not all colored contact lenses are meant for actual vision correction and may actually obscure vision rather than improve it. And even if your vision is still all right, the actual color may not be so terrific. Many colored contact lenses do little to enhance or change your eye color. The color may be too dim to even notice. Vibrant views colored contact lenses by Freshlook aim to change all of these downsides. Vibrant views are approved for everyday wear and are corrective contact lenses so they improve the look of your eyes and aid in seeing as well.

Intense Colored Contacts

Vibrant views colored contact lenses are some of the most intense colored contact lenses on the market. Some colored lenses simply enhance the color of your own eyes or add some shimmer to them to make them stand out more. Freshlook has collections along these lines. These new lenses in the Vibrant Views collection, however, do much more than shimmer. Vibrant Views contact lenses stand out in the crowd and are perfect if you want vivid, memorable eye color.


Try Before You Buy

You don’t have to simply take a chance and buy them either, without knowing if the color will suit you or if you will feel comfortable wearing them. Freshlook is offering a free trial of non prescription colored contact lenses so you can test run a pair without spending a dime. If these colored lenses are for you, visit your personal eye doctor to order vibrant views colored contact lenses in the right prescription strength. You can also check out different vendors and buy contacts online, sometimes at a discount.

Vibrant views colored contact lenses are changing the way we may see colored contacts in the future. Bold and intense, Freshlook is taking the trend of colored contact lenses to a whole new level. Look online or ask your eye doctor to get more information on these new contact lenses.

Going Toward The More Crazy Side Of Contacts

Fashion is often about making a statement and crazy colored contact lenses can certainly do that. If you’re a fashion risk taker or perhaps are attending an event where you want to go all the way with your costume, colored contact lenses can be the perfect addition. We’re not just talking about any colored contact lenses either. Many are designed to blend or just even enhance your own natural eye color. Crazy colored lenses are intended to be noticed. If that’s what you want, crazy lenses are for you.


Types of Crazy Colored Contact Lenses

So how crazy are crazy colored contact lenses? It all depends on your own imagination and how far you want to take it. From colors not found in eye colors to actual designs, you have a lot of design power in crazy contact lenses. The whole idea of crazy lenses really starts in Hollywood. Movies and bands often use colored or patterned lenses for characters. People often want to mimic those characters or take their own spin on it.

Different Types Of Crazy

These fancy contact lenses were not always easy to get a hold of. They were made primarily for films and were therefore pretty expensive and hard to find. But other companies eventually caught on to the trend and now crazy colored contact lenses are much cheaper and easier to get a hold of. This is especially convenient if you plan to entertain the crowd while on stage with your band or even just to attend a costume or Halloween party.

Some Of The Types

  • Animal eyes and patterns such as cat, jaguar and wolf eyes or even zebra stripes.
  • Patterns and designs such as swirls or smiley faces or spades.
  • Character eyes (including popular movie characters) such as vampire and Gothic styles.
  • Intense colors such as orange and pink.


Some crazy colored contact lenses are meant to be amusing but many are intended to look a little freaky. Many of the vampire or Gothic contact lenses are movie-worthy, giving a fiery red appearance or a translucent effect, among others. You can even find cosmetic colored contact lenses that completely white out your eyes or black them out, for a truly freakish look. There are many styles to choose from so whether you want to go freaky or just a little different, you have your pick of styles.

Where Do I Find Them?

So where can you find these crazy color contact lenses? Online is a great place to start. If you’re an avid online shopper, many places even accept paypal payments these days to save you some time. Be careful of what company you buy from as well. Remember that these contacts are sitting directly on your eye and can harm them if the contacts don’t fit correctly or are made poorly. It’s recommended that you visit an eye doctor to know what lenses will fit right before buying any. When you do go to buy, only purchase FDA approved contact lenses and protect your eyesight.

So if you’re headed onto stage or off to a costume party and want to add an extra bite to your look, try out some crazy colored contact lenses. From animal patterns to intense colors to vampire looks, you can have a head to toe costume without much trouble. Keep in mind that you are putting these contact lenses on your eyes, so only by FDA approved lenses from a reputable dealer and DO NOT wear them with any type of night vision gear or similar types of gadgets which project enhanced light. The crowd normally doesn’t know what hit them when we get on stage with our crazy looks.

How We Make The Best of Our Road Trips

Harley Davidson Balance Bike - Available  at Tyke Biker - Balance Bike Reviews

Harley Davidson Balance Bike – Available at BabbleBikes.com – Balance Bike Reviews

When you’re out with your bike, the road is eternal, the wind is constant and nowhere else do you get a guarantee like that. It is the thrill of the engine revving and the anticipation of the unfolding of some of the most picturesque scenes on the road. As a kid, if you ever tried to go a few miles on your balance bike, you would know that the thrill only multiplies when you have a motorbike to roll.

Road trips are not just about speed but also about the societies you leave behind. The interactions with people remain with you forever and when you look back at what you’ve left behind, you wonder if the world and humanity have ever been so beautiful.

Hit the Road

If you are looking to go out on a road trip on your bike, you need to plan a little and ensure that you make the most of your time on the road. A few tips to aid a great experience are as follows:


  1. Clothing: Focus on lightweight synthetic clothing to make life easier for you. T-shirts and other clothes can be easily washed and dried.
  2. Plastic bags: Something that most people miss out while packing is plastic bags. Zipper-lock plastic bags come in various sizes which can be extremely handy when it comes to packing your items in saddlebags.
  3. Don’t fold: It is better to roll your clothes than to fold them.
  4. Waterproofing: Don’t forget to waterproof your tent if you are carrying one. Similarly, if you’re out in the monsoons, get proper protection for your backpack. Also get a small towel with you to wrap around your neck to avoid water from trickling down your neck.
  5. Center of gravity: Ideally the heaviest stuff should be placed very close to the center of gravity of the bike. The heavier stuff should be placed towards the tank and the other stuff can be evenly distributed at the sides.
  6. If you’re traveling in a group, you can cut down on the weight significantly by simply sharing stuff like a toothpaste or soap.

It is always a wonderful feeling to ride with a group on the roads and meet new people on your way. A good way to pack would make life on the road easier for you. Simply travel light! The road is waiting for you!

Weekly Tip – How to Tune Your Electric Guitar

One of the most annoying things when learning to play any electric guitar is that no matter what you do nothing ever sounds any good. You get frustrated thinking that you may never be able to play the way you want to play.

While it’s true that it learning to play an electric guitar does have a definite learning curve to it, it is not impossible to master. But what most beginners and truthfully some guitarists who should know better but forget is that most of the time the reason you sound bad is because your guitar is not in tune.

Standard tuning for 6 string guitar

So How Often Should You Tune an Electric Guitar?

In order to have the best playing experience, you really should tune up your guitar every single time before you play. Yes, every time. Guitars, no matter how expensive eventually go out of tune. And some cheaper models will go out of tune fairly quickly. If you make sure your electric guitar is in the proper tune every time you play, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much better you sound.

Another thing to bare in mind that act of doing your “Guitar God” impersonation, i.e. playing or practicing with any guitar for just a few hours can easily slip it out of tune. So you basically always have to be aware of the guitar and stop and re-tune when necessary.

Now tuning you guitar need not become a time consuming burden. In fact if done right it will only take you a few minutes at first. And the longer you play the faster you can tune your electric guitar on the play.

In fact master musicians can tune their guitars so fast that they can do even while performing in a concert, without anyone really noticing them missing a beat. A professional can get a guitar back into tune in 30 seconds or less with the sound being clear in all the electric guitar pickups.

You will need to tune up your guitar either using a piano, by ear using a free chord website like GuitarChords247.com, a electronic tuner or  mobile MP3 based tuner like one of theses Iphone guitar tuners. As you imagine, getting access to a piano in a hurry can become problematic. And while it seems just about every thing can store MP3 files from iPods, cell phones to digital recorders, these solution too can become a burden.

So realistically until you can do by “ear” which will come with experience, your best and fastest route to a perfectly tuned guitar, especially one with decent tonal qualities, is a mobile app or electronic tuner.

Electronic tuners are little digital devices that many musicians ,both professionals and talented amateurs, use to detect off key notes from the electric guitar pickups and display the pitch as it is being played on instruments like electric guitars.

Some like the Peavey SPT-6G Wolfgang guitar tuners use simple LED lights to give you an approximate visual reading of whether the note is higher, lower or close to equal to the desired pitch you programmed in.

A more accurate and hence more expensive tuners like the Peavey PCT-6T Wolfgang guitar tuners can use a Quartz system along with a condenser microphone for acoustic tuning. The tuning process can be completely hands-off tuning with the results displayed on a digital LCD screen.

But not matter which Peavey Wolfgang guitar tuners you choose, you need to keep your guitar in tune every time you pick it up to play.


Relax and Hang Like a Bat

As a band, we spend a lot of hours on a bus, in cars, on planes and trains. Simply put, we travel a lot and to be honest we actually slouch around quite a bit between gigs as well. We’ve had to find constructive ways to keep ourselves in shape and take care of our bodies (when we’re not nourishing it with frosty adult beverages!) while on the road. Regular exercise and yoga has been a favorite for a long time abut recently we actually bought a inversion table which we take with us wherever we can. this actually started with Jennifer (our bass guitar player) buying a pair of inversion shoes and hanging from the doors in or hotels like a bat on a regular basis!

ironman It didn’t take long before we all got pretty hooked on the therapeutic effcts of hanging upside down. We got an Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table and simply love our our new toy! Here are some things we’ve learned about these nifty devices.

Inversion table exercises are characterized by moderate forms of stretching to strengthen the body’s core muscles. Stronger and flexible muscles are less vulnerable to injuries and strains that can aggravate neck and back pains. Building up your muscles also improves posture. In addition, inversion table exercises boost a healthy person’s level of fitness and prevent stress from forming up in the joints and muscles. There are as always pros and cons though.

In preparing yourself for inversion table exercises, make sure that your table is locked before proceeding with your routine. It is also important to follow the instructions carefully since one wrong move can have negative effects on your muscles. In addition, begin with small, easy steps to allow your body to adjust. Remember to not attempt starting another form of exercise until you are completely comfortable with your current routine. Gentle stretching movements are initially done to warm up your body. Normally, you extend your arms over your head, carefully extending your body into full stretch. After that, attempt to slightly arch your back. Do it on one side of your body, and then repeat the stretch on the body’s other side. As you become comfortable with the simple movements, you may begin with the advanced and more complicated inversion exercises like sit-ups, crunches, back extensions, and squats.

It’s good for the Spine

When doing the exercises, can inversion tables decompress the spine? Clinical studies of inversion tables published in reputable medical journals have confirmed that inversion can decompress the spine and can bring relief to back pains, leg pains, and sciatica. Hanging upside down can take off the pressure of the discs in your spine, which in turn relieves pain in the back. If you are suffering from these pains, in time, you will be able to work up to doing your stretching routines to strengthen your back, stomach, and legs.

As a beginner, remember to tilt the inversion table at 20 – 30 degrees angle only. Then start doing your regular routines. As you become more comfortable with the position, adjust your tilt until you can invert at 90 degrees, otherwise known as the expert level.

Herniated Discs

For patients with herniated disc pain, inversion therapy allows gravity to help align the body naturally. Since herniated disc is a result of excess pressure, removing this pressure from the disc is a good start to solving the problem. Exercises and therapies on the inversion table are proven methods to alleviate pressure using gravity to decompress the spinal disc. Moreover, inversion exercises stimulate blood circulation to the damaged disc, thus promoting faster healing.

Inversion table exercises are performed by thousands of people to help them relieve the pressure from their back. Inversion table alone can help users relieve themselves from back pain temporarily. In conjunction with an exercise program, patients can extend and improve on the benefits of using the inversion table. For maximum security, use a spotter while using the table. This can help avoid the risk of possible accidents if you experience a medical emergency while suspended upside down.

For more information about inversion tables visit InversionGuide.com and JanesFitness.com

Cruise Along The European Rivers And Lose Yourself In European Air

european-river-cruiseIn our travels as a band, we come across a lot of new things and experience a lot of different cultures. There are a few places that is a must see or things that are a must do when travelling, and one of these things is going on a European river cruise.

There are many advantages of European River Cruises if you are looking for a getaway for a weekend or an extended vacation. These advantages include no car rental, no getting lost in a foreign country, all inclusive, and saving money. You should look into European river cruising if you want to take a vacation and see many different countries or if you have already been on the local Grand river cruises and would like try something new.

European River Cruises Offer The Perfect Mode Of Transport

Many people like to tour Europe by renting a car or by taking the train.

  • The problem with renting a car in a foreign country is that there are different laws you must know.
  • People don’t always drive the same in different countries. Insurance requirements are different also.
  • You may need to acquire a different type of insurance for each country you plan on driving through.
  • Car rentals are stressful on a vacation also, because you are responsible for the vehicle. If you should get in an accident, it could ruin your entire vacation.
  • A train doesn’t give you the stress of a car rental, but you are confined to the train.

One of the biggest advantages of river cruise vacations is that you don’t have the stress of insurance, accidents, and you are out in the fresh air cruising along the waterfront, much like being on one of the local Grand Circle river cruises.

European River Cruises Are A Better Way to Travel

European river cruising is much better than touring in a rental car, because of itinerary issues. Many people rent vehicles and map out their own trip driving along the countryside.

  • Foreign maps can be difficult to read and it would also be extremely scary to get lost in a foreign country.
  • Problems occur in towns where people don’t speak your language. You get lost, because the map isn’t up to date, and more.

European cruises take you along the river so you can see many different countries. You don’t have to worry about getting lost. The trip is planned for you and you get to see everything you want. Most of these ships have very knowledgeable guides on board which ensures that you get to do all the sightseeing you ever wanted.


Saving Money

More advantages of Europe river cruise vacations include saving money in many ways.

  • You won’t have to buy a hotel anywhere you go, you don’t have to rent a car, and everything is included.
  • You can choose from different companies like Uniworld river cruises or viking river cruises.
  • A cruise through Europe on the water includes the entire vacation, unless you choose to get off the boat at some of the popular destinations and go shopping.
  • You can pay for your entire vacation in one sum and not have to worry about different costs. This is very beneficial for many people and makes the trip less stressful.

Managing only one cost for a trip through Spain is much easier for most people when planning a vacation.

The Advantages Of Going On These Cruises

These advantages include:

Renting a car and a hotel for a vacation can be expensive. Planning the trip where you want to travel to can be confusing, frustrating, and limit you. A cruise along the river in Europe is the best option, because all you have to do is board the ship and sit back while you enjoy the sites of every country included in the trip. So the next you plan to visit Europe you had better consider European river cruises.

Ping Pong As A Great Pass Time Between Rehearsals

wallpaper_ping_pongBeing in a band, you learn how to prioritize. You learn how to work hard to make a success of your career, but you also learn how to have some fun to keep everyone’s spirits up. One pass time you can enjoy is playing ping pong. It helps you focus, gives you exercise and takes your mind off work a little.

Getting A Ping Pong Table

Ping pong tables come in a variety of models suitable for use in almost any urban home, from suburban backyards, where weatherproof models are extremely popular to mini tables which fit easily into an apartment. Most sporting goods stores and national chains like Target and Wal-Mart also have ping pong tables for sale and can offer bargains for the keen eyed shopper, especially during the winter sales months when savings can be between 30 and 40 percent.

It’s Popularity

The increasing popularity of ping pong tables is due in part to the fact that the rules governing the game have changed in recent years. Prior to the latest rule changes the game was played until the winner reached 21 points, making the game last for a long time and making the sport, at least in the eyes of some, boring. However, the new rules have changed the game to one where a winning score of just 11 is needed to clinch a game. This has meant that the whole family or circle of friends can enjoy faster games where everyone gets a chance to play more often. This has meant that ping pong tables are finding a place in many homes across America. There are even models today which fit over the tops of pool tables, these so called pool top conversion tables and they allow people to enjoy two activities in a space that was formerly devoted to a single pastime. The popularity of ping pong has also meant that the game has migrated onto the Internet where many online ping pong games are available.


Candystand Ping Pong

Candystand ping pong does away with real ping pong tables and substitute them with virtual tables to bring the gamer the thrill of a real ping pong game against some of the sports superstars to the Internet. Just visit candystand.com and download the required plug-in and you’re ready to face down the best in the ping pong business. The tournaments that you play in however use the older rules and regulations, which mean that you will be playing up to 21 points, and remember you have to win by two full points, just like in the real world. The best thing about Candystand ping pong is that it’s free. This is the perfect way to pass some time on your next trip when you’re cooped up in a motel, or snowed in. You can even play against your friends by connecting to Facebook. Remember to read up of the newer ping pong rules which will enable you to play correctly offline.

Table Dimensions

The standard ping pong table dimensions are 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 30 inches high. These dimensions, along with a masonite (a type of hardboard) would make the table regulation size and suitable for use in competition. However, as mentioned there are variations to these dimensions and the material used for the surface of the table. Outdoor tables for instance can be constructed of synthetic laminates, weatherproofed wood or even be constructed on metallic composites.

Whatever choice you make from the many ping pong tables that are available with proper maintenance your table should give you, your family and friends many years of entertainment.

Nothing More Relaxing Than A Hot Tub Soak

hot-tub-13After a long day at work you will need a way of relaxing and a hot tub can be the perfect thing.  Nothing says relaxation more than an ice cold one in one hand while soaking in hot tub to let go of your busy and stressful day on stage or in the studio.

Find The Right Hot Tub

Do some research first to find out about the best hot tub to purchase. This will depend on whether you want it for indoor or outdoor use or for both. There are numerous great hot tubs that you can get such as the beachcomber hot tub. You should take a look at some reviews to find out more about the best hot tub to purchase for your needs.

Hot Tub Options

There are lots of hot tub options that you can look at when you go to health spas. These kinds of hot tubs are ideal if you have a large bathroom and want to create that spa type feel. You can also get special outdoor spas which are installed in your garden and which you can get from various dealers online. Hotel hot tubs and garden hot tubs will differ in price, but you should think about what you will use the most.

Small Hot Tubs

If you want to relax in the privacy of your own house then the small hot tubs for indoor use are what you should shop for. You can find these just about anywhere online and you can also contact your local home depot store or bathroom center for advice about hot tubs. They can give you the top options and tell you which the most popular selling brands are. You can also use the reviews online to help you narrow down your search.


Outdoor Hot Tub

Watkins Hot Tub

You should also decide on the best hot tub to purchase based on the replacement parts and guarantee offered. Watkins hot tub parts for example, are offered in various places, so this should be a great brand to purchase. You can also find out what the best hot tubs are by looking at the features offered. Some offer more jets than others and some are deeper than others. The specifications are up to you, so you should look for the top brands within these parameters.

Garden Hot Tub

A lot of people find that hot tubs are a waste of money and they insist that a bath is the same thing. Well, if this is how you feel then you should definitely look into the outdoor garden hot tubs. These are a fun way to relax and you can feel like a celebrity in one of these. A larger one is better because then you can fit a lot more people into it. It is also great to just relax in on your own with a glass of wine or whenever you feel tense. Turn the jets up high and let your troubles float away.

When you have as idea as to the best hot tub to purchase, you should not hesitate but go out and order it. Make sure that you get a guarantee from the store or website you order from, and always double check the features to make sure that you are getting the exact one that you want.

An Experience: A Story of the Road

Music on the RoadI lay on the grass, tired from hours of rubber and road. My bones gave in and the excruciating hunger had dwarfed my mind. I rested craving for a warm fireplace near me. My clothes were dirty and my senses dusty, when a fellow hit the guitar and the music washed away from my soul the dust of everyday life.

Being a band on the road is a soulful experience that helps you explore the depths of beauty residing on this planet. It is the lovely call of the unknown that keeps us going with music to fill our time and space. We travel in groups and independently but to the final destination of self discovery.

I’ll tell you the story of a life blinded by a sentiment, chilled by an air of solitude, driven by a dream, restrained—amidst an ocean of change, restrained—by the breaking waves of misgiving. It’s yours, and it’s mine, and it’s how it has to be if ever we were meant to reach this land of self-discovery. It’s a bumpy ride, the genre a shifting tide. But if you let it lift your spirits, the music will carry you home.

Right from the cars we travel in to our beloved bikes resting on trailer hitch bike rack, our world is on wheels and our home is the road. Exhilarating and exciting are two words that are never missing from our lives. As a seasoned traveler and member of a band, I can tell you that if you could gather the gut to give in to the sense of fernweh in your eye, you would come back a much happier man. If you have music to accompany you in whatever form you feel, you would come back a happier man.

The people we met helped us understand the vast diversity of emotion within the humanity. While some listen to us to forget the past, some raise it to their future. Some listen to us to be distracted, some listen to us to fall deeper in love. Some people smile at us, some simply smirk at us. Some are extremely helpful, some just run away.

When you travel, you meet a few people but when you’re a band on the road, you meet more people on the road than you can imagine and it is then when you come to know the world closely and find yourself falling in love with it. The best moments are those when you get to a lonely piece of land on a mountain, get off your bike, feel the silence of the wind talk to you and fill the silence with music – all by yourself.


Bike Rack Reviews, Ratings and Guides – www.rackmaven.com

Seven Reason Your Should Travel While You’re Young – www.lifehack.org

Music and Me

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. I recently found out that these words by Berthold Auerbach are bang on target. I often travel a lot. Traveling to work and back and traveling on weekends for visual delights, I have always been an out-going person. The surprising part is that never have I felt the importance of music while traveling so intensely. After having lost my wireless Bluetooth speakers on one of my travels, I was left with no music at all. This was when I felt a void and realized that I could not live without music, especially when out.

Jazz MusicWith this experience done, I thought to myself if I was a music addict. I was. At the risk of stating an oxymoron, I went on to read about how music is a good addiction. I would like to share with you the points I believe we all music addicts can related to:

Artists Ahoy: If you have an artistic nature, ambient music can help you improve creativity. Scientific research proves that a moderate noise level helps your brain generate fresh ideas. Ambient noise helps eliminate easy processing of information. Apparently, struggling to process things around us and trying to overcome a difficulty improves creativity.

Music Improves Visual Attention: If your favorite songs are among some specific genres of music, it can help you improve visual attention. Classical music was found to improve visual attention when studied with stroke patients as subjects. So when you feel like cutting off from the world when out in the city, simply get out your pair of best outdoor speakers. Focusing on the things you like the most – city lights, running traffic, buildings, parks, gardens, forests or absolutely everything under the sun, helps you think creatively as you notice things better than you normally would. Music helps you focus. Some genres that help improve visual attention are- Blues, Jazz, Ambient, Classical and Reggae.

Conversations: They say that once you share a cigarette butt with someone, you share a healthy friendship with them. Same goes with music. You share the same taste in music with someone and you are bound to be friends. You have the most wonderful conversations with people who share the same love for music as you do. Icing on the cake is when their favorites are yours as well. A recent research also showed that people who listen to slow music are much better at presentations and interactive orations.

While this helped me understand why I missed my music, I also came across a very interesting piece of information which absolutely amused me. You can get to know about a person’s personality by getting to know their favorite genre. Here’s the classification –

  1. Blues and jazz: People who love to listen to Blues or jazz or both are mostly creative, have high self esteem, are polite and gentle and are outgoing.
  2. Rap fans are very social, outgoing and mostly have a childish charm to them.
  3. Country music lovers are hardworking and outgoing.
  4. Rock/heavy metal fans have been found to have low self esteem, not hardworking, not outgoing and gentle. (I highly doubt it)
  5. Reggae fans are creative, hardworking, gentle outgoing and at ease.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not but then getting to know these things is simply a living example of how music can be a good addiction.

Long Hours Of Rehearsals – Hydrotherapy Relieves Tension And Pain

SD_Elite_7182.V15.cmyk_Life in a band is no just all fun and games, it takes a lot of hard work to be successful. Long hours of rehearsing, making music and making sure that everything is as it should be makes you stressed and worn out most of the time. But, no matter what, you still need to give your best in the end. The only way to get through these stressful times, is to make sure you get in some rest and let yourself relax a little.

Hydrotherapy To De-stress

Hydrotherapy massages and other treatments have been around since the 1800’s. Historically called water cures, hydrotherapy practices include any form of physical therapy that uses water as the main stimulant to help heal or treat illnesses. The water temperature and pressure are the two main components that help people receive relief from tension and pain. Hydrotherapy massages can take place in a hot tub or pool, or consist of a water massage table that allows a person to receive a dry water massage fully clothed.

Types Of Hydrotherapies


Water Submersion

There are various types of hydrotherapy treatments, and each type touts different health benefits. Water submersion is a treatment that has a person submerges completely into a pool or tub of water. The temperature of the water is usually very warm to allow for increased blood circulation and muscle relaxation. In a hydrotherapy clinic, a therapist may add minerals, enzymes, and essential oils to the water. These extra elements are supposed to increase the body’s natural healing properties while providing extra relaxation.


Hot Tub Therapy

Hot tub therapy utilizes both hot water temperatures and jet water massagers that create a whirlpool effect in the tub. The massage provided by the water jets helps to improve circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and provide an overall feeling of well-being. Hot tub therapy is commonly prescribed for people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint paint, varicose veins, and back pain.


Hydrotherapy Massages

Hydrotherapy massages that allow a person to remain clothed and dry usually take place on a water massage table. Commonly seen tables are cylindrical shaped containers with a massage table inside. A person lies face down on the table, the lid is closed over the body, and tubes move up and down the body expelling water streams at high pressure. The water varies in movement to hit different areas of the neck, back, buttocks, and legs.


Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is the practice of using water to flush out the upper and lower bowel. It’s an alternative treatment to help rid the body of waste and toxins that many believe cause fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. Enemas are one form of colon therapy, but professional colonic therapists utilize certain practices, such as adding herbs to the water, to help purge the system of toxins and compacted waste.

Choosing The Right Hydrotherapy Treatment

A physical therapist or physician can recommend the proper hydrotherapy treatment based on medical needs. Some people may not have the bone mass to withstand a deep tissue water massage and would benefit most from submersion therapy. People with high blood pressure may be warned to avoid hot tubs and try a water massage table for muscle relaxation.

Where To Go

Spas and clinics both offer hydrotherapy treatments. For colon health, it’s best to choose a colon hydrotherapy clinic staffed by professionals who have training in administering and monitoring colon cleansing. Licensing is available for colon hydrotherapy clinics, and patients should choose an establishment which uses licensed therapists. These therapists have received extensive education and training in the field of colon hydrotherapy.

While anyone can relax in a warm bath and seek the relief provided by calming essential oils, it’s always best to seek professional advice about hydrotherapy options. Whether a person ultimately chooses to enjoy hydrotherapy massages in a hot tub or water massage table, all hydrotherapy options offer relief from pain and improve overall well-being. It is also the best stress reliever after long hours of work, especially when you are busy touring with your band.